Hot tub accessories buying guide 2020

If you’re looking for hot tub accessories for your acrylic spa or your outdoor inflatable hot tub, Amazon is a great place to buy hot tub supplies, hot tub parts and spa accessories to enhance your hot tub experience.

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Read my guide to the best hot tub accessories on Amazon to make your backyard hottub feel like a luxury day spa.

Hot tub accessories: Gifts for hot tub owners

Know someone who loves spending time in their outdoor spa? Find the best hot tub gifts to get the hot tub lover in your life! They will love it because you’re being thoughtful and getting them a luxury gift that will help them indulge in their passion for spending time relaxing outdoors.

Wondering where to find hot tub gifts? Amazon has everything you need! Not only is it a great place to buy hot tub assorted accessories, but it’s even a great place to buy hot tubs too! Read my hot tub 2020 buying guide to find my recommendations.

Hot tub and spa accessories 2020

Jacuzzi gifts make a really thoughtful birthday or Christmas present that that special someone in your life. If you are struggling to choose a gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with hot tub accessory gifts as they are practical as well as thoughtful. Check out these gifts for people with hot tubs from Amazon…

Amazon hot tub accessories

Unbreakable wine glasses for hot tubs

Taking glass near a backyard hot tub is a bad idea. The best hot tub glasses are unbreakable glasses. If you plan on enjoying your hot tub with a glass of wine, a cocktail or cold drink, unbreakable wine glasses are a must-have spa accessory and they make a great gift for someone with a hot tub.

You can get some great unbreakable hot tub wine glasses without stems that make perfect hot tub drinking glasses (whether someone drinks alcohol or chooses not to – they work either way!)


Or if you prefer traditional wine glasses, you can get regular stemmed wineglasses that are unbreakable which are great as hot tub glasses…

Another option is to get silicone wine glasses to use as your hot tub glasses. Again these are multi functional as you can use them for picnics and BBQs too.

I think unbreakable wine glasses make a fabulous gift for hot tub owners as they can be used at the side of the pool or out and about for bbqs and picnics too. They make the perfect gifts for hot tub owners as they’re thoughtful and useful.

Floating spa hot tub bar tray table

Who doesn’t need a floating flamingo inflatable bar tray for their hot tub?! Seriously, a hot tub bar table makes a great little gift for someone who loves their hot tub (whether you go for the flamingo version or a regular hot tub tray that floats).

I for one would love to have someone buy me an inflatable spa bar made for hot tub spas – it’s the perfect gift! More sensible ones are available if the flamingo version isn’t your thing.

Hot tub cup holder

And you can get the hot tub drink holder to match the hot tub bar table too!

Hot tub mat for your outdoor jacuzzi

A wooden hot tub bath mat is handy to stop people from slipping when they get out of the outdoot hot tub.

Hot tub robes for your outdoor hot tub

Every hot tub user needs a luxury hot tub robe. A personalized hot tub robe makes the perfect gift for men or women – it’s such a thoughtful gift that will be used again and again.

Hot tub umbrella

The umbrella sunshade gives a huge amount of shade and sun protection over your inflatable jacuzzi or outdoor hot tub. It comes highly recommended as a hot tub umbrella to keep the sun off your face while you chill out.

Hot tub lights for your inflatable jacuzzi or outdoor spa

There are lots of opportunities to add hot tub lights if you’re looking for some cool jacuzzi accessories.

These funky hot tub lights will create atmosphere in your hot tub at nightfall…

You can also find colour changing hot tub lights that double up as bluetooth speakers. Perfect for a night chilling out to your favourite tunes from the comfort of your tub!


Top hot tub accessories that make great gifts for hot tub owners

There are plenty of awesome top hot tub accessories on Amazon – whether you are looking to treat yourself or buy gifts for hot tub owners – there is plenty to choose from to enhance the hot tub experience. I hope this post of hot tub accessories gift ideas has give you lots of inspiration.

Thinking about buying a backyard hot tub? Check out my guide to the top hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs in 2020 here or read of my hot tub reviews.

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