Review: American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED Waterfall, Sterling and Smoke

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The American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED Waterfall, Sterling and Smoke is a large hot tub that comfortably seats five people making it a great option for large families or if you often invite your friends around. 30 stainless steel jets provide the ultimate hydroptherapy experience. Not only does it look good, but this permanent outdoor spa offers cutting-edge technology that will make it a focal point of your backyard. Read on for our American Spas review or visit our hot tubs and spas buying guide for more options.

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This American Spas outdoor spa is loaded with features that you’re going to love.

The single 240V 5.0 BHP jet pump provides you with a two-pump performance, so you’ll benefit from reduced energy costs. The directional stainless steel massage jets can be individually controlled, meaning you can direct the flow of pressure for your personal taste and also control flow when fewer people are using the tub.

The heavy 5.5KW titanium heater is super-quiet and heats fast, meaning you aren’t distracted by noise while you’re relaxing, and it means your spa is ready to go when you are. The hot tub insulation ensures hot water is maintained to the temperature of your choosing during cold wether, so you aren’t paying more than you need to heat the water. The Energy Thermo Layer Insulation Blanket provides added insulation to keep everything toasty warm.  A premium Hydro-Armor tapered spa cover provides the final layer of insulation and protection to protect your unit from UV rays which can cause damage to your spa over time.

Water treatment is hassle-free with the HydroClear Ozonator which keeps your water pure using ozone bubbles from a Corona Discharge cell. It means your water maintenance routine is kept as simple as possible so you can spend more time enjoying your new outdoor pool instead of worrying about water safety. To keep chemical usage to  minimum, the Bio-Clear Filter keeps your spa water clear and safe.

If you’re going for a premium hot tub, then you want one with all of the extra luxury hot tub features. The LED lights on this spa can be programmed to match your mood, from capturing the party spirit to a relaxing and romantic ambiance with a warm hue. The waterfall jets are a great added feature that sets this tub apart from some of the others on the market.

The patented seven-layer laminate fiber steel construction is reinforced with steel and wood to create a strong, durable  shell that you won’t have to worry about. The thick acrylic keeps the shell strong and ensures it is long-lasting which is important when you’re investing in a luxury spa like this.

Hot tub specification

Product dimensions: 84 x 84 x 35 inches
Weight: 740 pounds
Shipping weight: 750 pounds

Controlled flow means you can direct pressure to target specific areas of stress
Energy efficient
Quiet heater
Build to last with tough acrylic
Hassle-free HydroClear Ozonator keeps your water pure and clean, and the Bio-Clean filter system ensure your water stays sanitized
Great party features such as the back-lit cascading waterfall feature and multi-color lighting system that can be programmed to change to suit your mood and your tunes.
Long lasting cover included that s built to withstand 1500 hours of UV protection

The American Spas hot tub seats are really deep so shorter hot tub users may need to adapt the water depth to suit
Consider the delivery process as this item is bulky and heavy. You will either need a big group of friends to help you move it (maybe six adults) or you may need mechanical assistance to get it in place, so ensure you have a clear access route to get your outdoor hot tub delivered to it’s new home in your backyard.

Summary: This is the best hot tub to buy

Overall, if you’re looking for a permanent acrylic hot tub that is going to look great in your backyard for many years, that is economical to run and easy to use, and that has all of the extra features then the American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED Waterfall, Sterling and Smoke is the best hot tub in our opinion.


We rate this spa 9/10

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