Your hot tub and inflatable hot tub questions answered

I get asked a lot of questions about hot tubs and portable hot tubs, so I thought I’d publish a little questions and answers post to help you work out the best hot tub for your needs.

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Is it best to buy a hard hot tub that will sit permanently in my backyard, or instead buy the best inflatable hot tub I can afford?

Hot tubs aren’t the cheapest hobby. It can be tricky knowing whether to go for a regular jacuzzi spa or whether to go for the cheaper portable hot tub option.

My answer is always around budget and money – if you have plenty of money to spare and are sure you will make use of your outdoor hot tub, then there is little risk in investing in a permanent outdoor jacuzzi from one of the best hot tub brands (if you aren’t sure which these are, have a read of my hot tub buying guide and hot tub comparison chart here.)

If you have the funds and aren’t worried about investing in a top rated outdoor spa, then I say go for it! If you find in a couple of years that you don’t use it as much as you expected you could list it as a hot tub for sale online – people are always looking to buy second hand hot tubs in good condition. But investing in a proper hot tub right away means you aren’t wasting money trying it out an inflatable spa first – you put your money right into the end product and it should last you a long time.

If you’re going all in to buy a hot tub, be as clear as you can about what hot tub features you’re looking for as you only get one chance at buying the best hot tub and you want to make the right decision!

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If, however, you aren’t sure how often you’re going to use it, or if budget is a consideration then I always recommend starting with the best inflatable hot tub you can afford. It’s a lower point of entry, and you can see how often you use your blow up hot tub and work out what you like or don’t like about it before investing further.

If you find you’re out there enjoying the inflatable jacuzzi at every opportunity, then you know for sure that investing in a proper hot tub will be worth it for you. Buying the best portable hot tub will also help you work out what you actually want from a hot tub. Do you need a large hot tub or is a small hot tub better for your lifestyle and space. Inflatable hot tubs help you work out your priorities because they give you a chance to get started.

Portable jacuzzis can last a while if you buy a quality blow up spa, but there are also cheap inflatable hot tubs that won’t last so definitely read lots of reviews to make sure you pick the best portable hot tub.

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What is the best time of year to buy a hot tub?

This is another popular question. For me, I think hot tubs are great to use all year round – whether you have a regular hot tub or a portable hot tub. In winter, it’s incredible to jump into the warm water with the air  temperature is so cold! But equally it’s great fun using it on a summer’s evening too. So my answer is, I don’t think there is a best time or a worst time of the year – hot tubs are for using all year round!

Should I buy a small hot tub or a large hot tub?

This might be determined by the space you have available in your backyard. If you can, I recommend going for a larger hot tub as it makes it more comfortable and more flexible. But, if you are very limited on space then it can be a great option.

I hope you found those questions and answers helpful.

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